Radisson Blu Deira migrates to SCM from FBM

After many years of successfully operating the legacy FBM System, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek migrated to the most advanced Web based SCM. By doing so the Hotel “departs” from the typical client-server application developed between 2001 and 2008 and opens “new roads” by entering a new era.

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Time Hotels Group migrates to SCM replacing FBM

Time Hotels have been successfully operating FBM for a number of years already. However since FBM is a legacy client-server application and SCM is a RIA (Rich Internet Application) and purely a Web based system, this Group wanted to take full advantage of its advanced functionality.

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Damac Group Cloud – 9 Hotels in SCM so far

Just recently the Damac Group implemented SCM in 3 more of its establishment thus reaching 9 Hotels/Apartments in total.  Damac takes full advantage of its private Cloud and SCM by operating everything via the normal Web environment between the main Data Center Servers and their Hotels/Apartments.

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