GB2B introduces New FBM Version 5.7.0

We are pleased to announce the release of our New FBM Version 5.7.0.  The most important development about this Version is that we have incorporated enhancements that will help greatly FBM’s tasks.  Major enhancements include additional reports, data mining, consolidation, more interface options, etc.  However the most important of all is the (technical) performance enhancement that is now embedded and created in order to address one of FBM’s growing problems over time.  In a lot of cases and after years of operation, growing databases and adding functionality, more and more Hotels face the issue of FBM becoming slower thus causing user aggravation and mounted IT tension.  As such it was imperative for us to help each and every Hotel with FBM to overcome as much as possible this problem and we worked creatively to solve that issue as well.

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