InterContinental (IHG) City Stars Complex, Cairo implements the newest development of GoldenB2B Hospitality (GB2B) the FBM Enterprise™

Sherif NADER
Sherif NADER
Director of Technology
InterContinental CityStars Complex
Cairo, Egypt


Our long successful relation with GoldenB2B Hospitality took a new turn recently since we have implemented the upgrade our current FBM to its FBM Enterprise™.

The upgrade’s new features like Enhanced Reporting, System Speed Calibration, Auto-Send of POs through Email, etc. enabling us to improve greatly our related operational functions.  However one of the most important new modules of the FBM Enterprise™ is the Business Intelligence (BI) function.  We have now the ability to view online our existing FBM Data in a revolutionary way previously unthinkable like Dashboard, Key Performance Indicators, etc.  Considering that our IHG CityStars very demanding Operation spans across thee (3) Hotels, the BI enable us to retrieve a great variety of FBM Data and combine them interactively on-line.  This ability reduces the need for printing or searching while enhances the instantaneous information access by all concerned including our Executive Administration.  Moreover we can easily consolidate “live” in a variety of formations FBM data from all our 3 Hotels and this reduces the need for printing as well as searching and combining data.  GoldenB2BHospitality proved once more their ability to innovate and serve our needs with  consistency, efficiency and great value.


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