Whissle Group

Philippe Schwartz

Mr. Philippe SCHWARTZ

Group Director of Finance & Administration at Whissle Group


Operating a multitude of Upscale Food and Beverage establishments like Okku, Sophie’s and Riva our needs are increasingly demanding and requiring not only effective processes but advanced solutions enabling us to have maximum control while still allow us to entail shared and distributed services. In addition to that we had to consider the easiest process possible that could accommodate ourgrowth and expansion throughout the region any beyond.


Our extensive research and previous experience with GoldenB2B’s products (FBM) and services was the decisive factor to implement in our Group their new SCM that is a more advanced solution that is truly Web enabled and rich Internet Software application. So far our experience with SCM has been extremely positive and we view it as a valuable tool across our Organization. GoldenB2B’s service has been not only effective but also proactive in such a way that we have benefited a great deal.

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