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technologySCM is a truly Web based rich Internet Application developed specifically for the Global Hospitality Market. It was created to offer the longest possible “life” of the related Investment by utilizing cutting edge but proven technology platforms and architecture compared to any other similar application of the Hospitality Industry. It provides full technological and operational scalability from the smaller Unit to the largest Enterprise organization. SCM offers enormous flexibility features complementing the successful expansion of an organization by making compatible with modern IT environments like Centralized and Cloud Computing. Its main infrastructure was based on Open Source Technologies thus eliminating the burden of extra costs of Licensing or Administration following Open Standards.



  • Web Based User Interfaceat-a-glance
  • Enterprise level feature support
  • Full Scalability
  • Farming and load balancing
  • Clustering support with no additional licensing costs for such implementations.
  • Ready for advanced IT Environments
  • Java based OS Independent: SCM can run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS. 64bit and 32bit architectures are supported.
  • Advanced Authentication: Integration with Active Directories, LDAP, SSO
  • Security: SSL based encryption
  • Smaller application footprint
  • No extra software licensing costs
  • Simplified operation costs
  • RIA application based on HTML standard technologies
  • No client side installations
  • Only browser is needed to access and operate the application.
  • No need for complex setups due to desktop limitations and extra licensing costs (as opposed to i.e. Citrix or similar based configurations)
  • Simulation of desktop environment on the browser
  • Efficient bandwidth handling (Ajax techniques are used to the interface to minimize bandwidth need during exchange of data)
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple Screen Analysis Support in a truly Multitasking environment
  • Enterprise Service Bus technology which allows complex Enterprise Application Integration scenarios
  • Protocol independent communication with external systems (ftp, file, web service, email, etc.)

operationSCM’s Operational Features have been based on 30+ years of Know-How and Expertise in the related fields of Purchasing, Stock Management, Costing and beyond. Our Legacy System FBM has been the Market Leader for about 10+ years already and it has been our Guide for the development of SCM that represents the “next generation” software application. SCM is capitalizing in all the previously mentioned and elevating the related aspects to a new level. We have had an undisputed and solidly proven track record of providing the best services for our Customers as you can realize from our ever increasing and continuously expanding presence Worldwide. Our Company is proud by being entrusted to provide such Services to a number of major Hotel Chains likeInterContinental, Starwood, Radisson, Rotana, Millennium, Centara, etc. but also to one of the largest Hospitality Establishments Worldwide (Madinat Jumeirah) as well as probably one of the most luxurious Hospitality Landmarks Globally (Emirates Palace – Kempinski).


  • Improved functionality enables faster access to tasksat-a-glance_2
  • Follows the natural Workflow of every user and author
  • Effective Cycle minimizes operation reducing labor cost
  • Historical Recipes
  • Authorization Levels are configurable based on any complex operation constraints and can support up to an unlimited number of Unit or Corporate level approvals**
  • Pre-Purchase Orders
  • Easier definition of Templates
  • Advanced budget module allowing the related feature performed on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Budgeting can be configured by store, category or item level
  • Multi-Currency is an integral feature of a variety of tasks like orders, receiving, credit notes including the Interface to the Financial Systems
  • Seamless interconnectivity with Vendors by email for sending requests for quotations (RFQ)
  • Online Vendor Area where the vendors can post their quotations as response to RFQs and they can also see their history (Past Purchases, Pending Purchase Orders, RFQs, Quotations). This overall process integrates seamlessly with the Purchasing
  • Full auditing (logging) of the purchasing cycle: Who, When, What
  • Sustaining the Order User Log History even when order are returned to be modified
  • Reports can be generated in any format: PDF (default), Excel, Word, Rtf
  • Reports are fully Customizable and On-Demand
  • Report Engine is Web based
  • Interfaces – Fully Customizable (Mapping) of Financial Systems
  • Interfaces – Fully Customizable (Mapping) of Point Of Sales Systems
  • Interfaces – Several Fax Systems
  • Interfaces – Options to accommodate a variety of handheld and similar devices
  • Enterprise – Full Consolidation
  • Enterprise – Head Office can remotely login and easily check Hotels financials via a web browser
  • Enterprise – Easy configuration of items on the central level and propagating to hotels
  • Enterprise – Propagation of quotations from the central level to hotel


.“Value-For-Money” Approach
. Investment is secured for much longer period of time
. Total Technological and Operational Flexibility
. Able to accommodate any future Organizational needs
. Faster Return-On-Investment
. Greater Impact on the overall profitability of the Organization / Corporation

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